5 Of the Most Expensive House in the World

Ever wondered who owned some of the most expensive houses in the world and what they cost?


We look at the 5 most expensive houses in the world.

  1. With a price Tag of $200 Million the Ellison Estate
    The owner of this super beautiful mansion is a co-founder of The Oracle corporations, Larry Ellison.
    The mansions boast some of the most beautiful scenery around with a water fronted with beautiful Zen style features throughout.
  2. The Fairfield mansion with its own bowling alley and a 91-foot long dining hall as some of its outstanding features also has a price tag of $248 million. It is owned by a business and personal investor, Ira Rennet.  As it is in New York it also gets to be one of the most expensive houses in New York
  3. Villa Leopolda, tangling a price tag of $736 million is owned by wealthy socialite Lila Sifra whose net worth is $1.2billion. The villa is in Cote D Azure in France on fifty acres of land.  It has its own helipad too.
  4. The decadent Antlia in Mumbai, with its six-story underground car park, needing about 600 members of staff to maintain the 400,000-square foot house with not one but three helipads! This huge mansion with its whopping price tag of $1 Billion dollars belongs to the chairperson and managing director of Reliance Industries – Mukesh Ambani!
  5. We had to give this one a mention as it is one of the most well-known houses in the world really. Well, one does not really consider Buckingham palace as a house with its seventy-eight bathrooms, own doctors surgery and post office amongst a few of its amenities but it is the dwelling place of the monarch of the United Kingdom and comes in with a price tag of $1.56 billion!